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Here you will find information & news from the funding sectors that may be of use to organisations in and around Co Durham



Lankelly Chase Blog 

Jo Laverick has asked us to share the following link, picked up from the Lankelly Chase Foundation. It’s a good blog about the complexities in funding/commissioning services which address complex needs and might be of interest to colleagues in the Better Together network.

Report calls for urgent action to help smaller charities survive 

Lloyds Bank Foundation has launched a report calling on government, funders and large charities to take urgent action if small charities are to survive turbulent times ahead.

Facing Forward presents a candid analysis of the ten upcoming political, economic, social and technological changes which will dramatically affect the operating landscape for the 65,000 small and medium charities working at the heart of communities across England and Wales.

Download the report

Gift Aid donations – are your donors paying enough tax to cover?

The tax landscape has changed significantly over the last few years, with around 50% of adults in the UK no longer paying any income tax at all (up from around 42% only a few years back) and HMRC is very keen to ensure that Gift Aid donors are paying enough tax to make the claim valid.

The public therefore need to be better equipped to know if they can or cannot make charitable donations with Gift Aid added. Most Gift Aid donors will be giving very intentionally and will understand that they will need to have paid enough income (or capital gains) tax in each tax year (6 April to 5 April following) to equal or exceed the Gift Aid tax that we reclaim on their Gift Aided donations.

This new commentary by CTG Vice-Chairman Kevin Russell explores why some donors are not paying enough tax to cover their Gift Aid donations, and suggests ways to improve donor education