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Government uses tech companies to tackle rural isolation

Five tech companies have been awarded contracts to use cutting-edge technology to tackle the problem of rural isolation, minimising the risk of digital exclusion

Five small tech-companies awarded contracts to tackle loneliness in Monmouthshire
Minister says this will “improve people’s lives and enable them to feel a part of their local community”
Sixty-five percent of the applications were from Welsh and UK-wide small businesses

hese businesses will create new technology platforms to match the supply and demand for transport in rural areas, as well as minimise the risk of digital exclusion among older people and those in more isolated, rural areas with limited connectivity.

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Top 10 cyber security resources for charities

We point charities to some of the best free resources to help staff and trustees understand cyber security.

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16 excellent digital resources for charities

We’ve collated a list of the best platforms and websites for charities to learn about digital, connect with others and find techy volunteers.

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How the charity sector can grow the next generation of digital leaders

The UK is facing a huge digital skills gap. Earlier this summer Deloitte launched a study which showed that just 12% of executives think that graduates have enough digital skills (down from 20% last year), with more than three quarters of organisations struggling with recruitment and a mere 16% having confidence that their team can deliver their digital strategy. So where does this leave the charity sector, where smart people who can solve some of the biggest social problems are its main asset, but which cannot offer the same paychecks as Facebook and Google?

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Bringing digital into service delivery

We’ve seen lots of examples of charities using digital to make a huge impact, and there are certainly encouraging signs to be found within the recent Charity Digital Skills Report.

Often these show transformations in fundraising: global campaigns such as the Ice Bucket Challenge; the incredible Global Giving crowdfunding for grassroots organisations across the world, or making it easy to donate spare pennies.

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Charity Digital Code of Practice – self assessment tool launched

An assessment tool has been launched to help charities test how well they are embracing digital innovation.

The tool is designed to be used alongside the Charity Digital Code of Practice, which launched this week to offer advice to the sector on how to improve their digital capabilities.

The aim of the tool is to help charities establish where they fit within the standards set out in the code, and how they can most benefit from using digital. Read more from Charity Digital News.

£1m Digital Leadership Fund for charities

The government has launched a £1m fund to improve digital leadership skills in the charity sector. This is one of the main ways that the government is delivering on its commitment to build a digitally confident social sector, putting civil society at the heart of the digital revolution.

The Digital Leadership Fund is designed to add value to a number of existing digital leadership training programmes. The aim is for participants to develop an understanding of how technology can help their organisations achieve their social missions in a more effective and efficient way, and become better equipped to embed this change at an operational level.

This guide to the fund stresses that it must be used to improve or expand existing training programmes and is not looking to fund the creation of new courses. Read more and apply here.