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Youth Focus: North East e-newsletter **New**

Welcome to this weeks newsletter featuring a selection of news, events and opportunities across the region and beyond. 

If you would like to share regional information, events, or vacancies with your colleagues in the North East feel free to email across the full details to caroline@youthfocusne.org.uk

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Youth Homeless North East Newsletter **New**

Please share this information with your colleagues. If you would like to share your own information and have it posted on the Youth Homeless North East website please email: info@yhne.org.uk

START TODAY July Updated Information 2017 **New**

The START TODAY booklet lists current apprenticeship and training opportunities in County Durham 16 – 19 year olds.

This booklet contains information on providers offering year round opportunities to help you get a job, course or apprenticeship. Some of the opportunities offer financial help, bonuses, or are set at less than 16 hours per week, so if you receive benefits these may not be affected. Some of the opportunities are offered at venues across the county. These are listed as countywide opportunities. We have grouped the other opportunities by their venue location. You don’t have to live in that area to access their courses. You can get more information by contacting the provider directly.
Youth Educators in Durham **New** 

Centrepoint, in partnership with the Monkey Project, are offering young people aged 18-24 the opportunity to deliver awareness raising sessions across the region. Normally associated with challenging stereotypes and stigmas surrounding homelessness, this time we will be focussing on financial hardship. We will be discussing the impact that it can have on the choices and decisions that people are able to make along with short and long term implications this can have. 

Participants will help develop the sessions to ensure that materials are appropriate for our intended audience and that the message gets across clearly. They will also work on communications skills to support them with presenting a more/short personal piece of work to be shared, based on their own experience(s). 

v Participants will receive AQA certificates in Social Education & Peer Leadership, Equality & Diversity and Planning a Youth Work activity; 
v Training usually takes place over 4-6 sessions in venues that will be easy to get and close to where they live; 
v Awareness raising sessions will take place in/with schools, colleges and youth & community groups; and 
v We will reimburse travel costs and provide refreshments, so the whole programme is free. 

We only ask that participants are aged 18-24, have some experience of financial hardship, are committed to completing the training and attend a minimum of 3 awareness raising sessions with Centrepoint staff.

To sign up to this exciting opportunity, or to discuss it in further detail, please contact Alex at Centrepoint on 0191 510 9762 or 07734 968 801 or email a.mallett@centrepoint.org
Are You Interested in Improving Health Services for Young People? **Current** 

If you are aged between 11 to 19 and want to make a difference to the health care, advice and support young people in the North East receive, then Youth Focus: North East would like to hear from you. 

Youth Focus: North East has been asked to work with a group of young people to pilot the next set of You’re Welcome standards. You will receive training and support to assess and evaluate health services, you’ll get the opportunity to visit a range of different health services, find out what they do well and be able to share your ideas for ways in which they might be improved. All young people are entitled to receive appropriate health care wherever they access it. 
The Department of Health’s You’re Welcome quality criteria lay out principles that will help health services to become young people friendly and it is important that young people themselves have a role in identifying and addressing the barriers that prevent them accessing health services. 

If you’d like to be part of this work or just want to find out a little more about it, please get in touch with Laura Bush on 07763826674 or laurab@youthfocusne.org.uk or Steve Watson on (0191) 477 9966 or steve@youthfocusne.org.uk by Friday 14 July.

YHNE Survey **Current**

YHNE have launched our annual survey of youth homelessness in the North East. 

The YHNE survey provides the only opportunity we have of gaining a more detailed picture of youth homelessness specific to the North East, however, it is dependent upon the number of responses we receive. There are two surveys, one for local authorities and one for Third Sector providers and housing associations. Findings from the research will be analysed and a report covering trends, gaps and recommendations will be produced and circulated later in the year. Please find below links for the surveys and pdfs so that you can review the questions in advance of completing the surveys. 

The surveys have a ‘finish later’ option too. In order to ensure consistency of data, please can you ensure a single respondent for data coming from your organisation. 

Please can you complete and submit the survey by close of play on Friday 28 July. 

Please let me know if you need anything else from me Best wishes, Arron Arron Williamson Communications and Support Trainee Youth Homeless North East arron@yhne.org.uk

Youth Homeless North East Newsletter **Current**

Please share this information with your colleagues. 

If you would like to share your own information and have it posted on the Youth Homeless North East website please email: info@yhne.org.uk.

100% funded summer programmes for 15-24 year olds **Current**

Apologies for the out of the blue email but I wanted to share with you information about a free programme we are currently running for young people in the North East. 

You may already know that Sport Works supports young people across the region to improve health and progress in their education. We are delivering 100% funded activities over the summer months to support 15-24 year olds into education and/or employment. 

If you work with any individuals who may benefit from our approach please let me know and we can provide further details. 

For further information please have a look at our website

Thanks and best wishes,
Neil Cameron 
Managing Director Sport Works 0191 5800 120 

Happiness and Harm Awareness Could Keep Young People From Drinking and Smoking **Current**

Promoting young people's levels of well-being and making them aware of the harms of smoking and drinking could keep them away from alcohol and cigarettes, according to a study published in the open access journal BMC Public Health. 

The report shows that young people who were happier and more aware of the harms of alcohol and cigarettes were more likely to never drink or smoke than those who were less aware or perceived themselves as less happy. 

Rural Spotlight on Young People **Current**

A roundup of our news, research and work provided by the Rural Services Network, highlighting issues for young people in rural areas in the last 12 months.

Click Here for more information

Poverty is making children sick **Current**

A new report by Child Poverty Action Group and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health has found that two thirds of paediatricians say poverty and low income are seriously affecting the health of children they see.

Children and young people's mental health **New**

A report by the Health and Education Committees found that financial pressures are restricting the provision of mental health services in schools and colleges. The next Government must review the effect of the budget reductions in the education sector, the report adds. 

Children's safety on the Internet **Current**

NSPCC research has revealed that a majority of children think social media sites need to do more to protect them from harmful content such as bullying and pornography. NSPCC is calling for the next government to crack down on internet companies who fail to keep children safe.

Type 1 Kidz Reports **Current**

Check out these two articles about engaging children and young people with type 1 diabetes and the telehealth system, which will also be going into the Journal of Diabetes Nursing soon.
If you have any issues opening these reports please don't hesitate to contact Kyle on 0191 374 6113 or kyle.firby@investinginchildren.net
The Type 1 Kidz project. Part 1: Engaging children and young people with type 1 diabetes
in their own health and wellbeing 
The Type 1 Kidz project. Part Two: Introducing a simple telehealth system

Girls Rights Funding **Current**

A group of women are celebrating a successful £36,000 bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund that will allow them to research the untold story of the development of young women’s rights over the last 100 years. The Decades Project - A History of Young Women’s Rights in the North-East is supported by Investing in Children. Check out the full article on the Northern Echo site by following the link below: http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/15215985.Thousands_awarded_to_project_uncovering_history_of_fight_for_women_s_rights/ 

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21 Reasons for using IiC **Current**

Check out our next short video clip and see 21 reasons for using IiC.

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Young Parents' Advice website **Current**

A new website has been launched as part of Family Rights Group's Young Parents Project.  The website provides easy-to-follow information about the laws and procedures young mothers and fathers may need to know about if their children are, or have been, involved with children's services.

New Childline app to connect young people through mobile devices **Current**

Childline has launched an app that is the first to provide counselling to young people in need of help directly through their mobile devices. The app has been named 'For Me' to ensure that it can be discreetly installed. This means that if someone happens to see the young person's phone they can't tell it's a Childline service.

Girls from poorer families in England struggle to afford sanitary protection **Current**

Girls from low-income families across England are struggling to afford sanitary protection, with many teachers buying tampons for their students or seeking help with supplies from charities and voluntary groups, the Guardian has been told. Charities, campaigners and teachers say that the problem is happening in cities and rural areas across the country, describing girls missing school, using donations, or wearing makeshift protection during their period.

eXtreme Group **Current**

Check out our next video clip about the eXtreme group and the benefits it has made on young people.
The group has been involved in discussion around the design of Transition Services, Home to School Transport and was actively involved in the development of the services in relation to the new SEND reforms leading discussions during a series of seminars and workshops with parents/carers, commissioners and service providers. 


Borderless Partnership **Current**

Check out our next video about the borderless partnership with Norway and the experiences the young people haven taken from this partnership.

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IIC CAMHS **Current**

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