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Wellbeing for Life - Cervical Screening: Have you made your appointment? **New**

The County Durham Wellbeing for Life service is working in the local community to promote cervical screening and encourage women to attend screening appointments. Wellbeing for Life are working in partnership with local GP surgeries and community venues to give women in County Durham the opportunity to find out more about cervical screening. Vicki Moffat, Wellbeing Coordinator said “The number of women attending potentially life-saving smear tests is falling. 

This Cervical Cancer Prevention Week (22-28 January), we would like to raise awareness of cervical cancer and how women can reduce their risk. Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under 35, yet one in four women don’t attend their smear test appointment. Cervical Screening prevents at least 2,000 deaths each year, and we’re supporting Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust to raise awareness that smear tests save lives. 

A lot of women feel embarrassed or fearful of attending their Cervical screening appointments and that is understandable, the Practice Nurses understand this and do everything they can to help you feel comfortable.” Smear tests prevent 75% of cervical cancers from developing. It is important to book and attend your cervical screening test whenever you are invited. 

The Wellbeing for Life Service will be out in your local community promoting cervical screening. 

For details of where, please go to www.wellbeingforlife.net or phone 0800 8766887. For further information, please contact Vicki Moffat, Wellbeing for Life Coordinator (East Durham Hub) on 0191 3728710.

Men, how's your new year's resolution going? **New**

Whether you want to improve your fitness, lose a few pounds, stop smoking, make new friends, learn how to cook or just improve your general health, the Wellbeing for Life team can support you to achieve your goals. The Wellbeing for Life North Durham Hub are offering a special promotion to any man over 16 years old, that signs up for free individual or group support between now and 20 March 2018. They will be entered into a free prize draw to win their choice of an annual family pass to Beamish Museum, a 3 month gym membership or 6 free haircuts. 

The aim of the promotion is to encourage more men to access the service to improve their health, happiness and overall quality of life. A survey for the Everyman Male Cancer Campaign suggested that nearly twice as many men as women had not visited their GP in the past year, and it seems to be true for County Durham's Wellbeing for Life service too. Michelle Gibson, Wellbeing for Life Co-ordinator (North Durham Hub) said "We are supporting and promoting the health and wellbeing of men by offering advice to live well by addressing the risk factors which influence their health. We can show you how to make small changes to improve how you feel, develop a healthier lifestyle and live a longer, happier life." The wellbeing approach goes beyond looking at a single-issue and instead aims to take a whole-person and community approach to improving health.

Stephen from Stanley was referred by his GP for support to lose weight. He said "Louise, my Health Trainer looked at my diet and lifestyle. I didn't eat regular meals, often skipping lunch and snacked on unhealthy foods. Throughout the 8 weeks we set small goals; one was to eat more! In 8 weeks I lost 1.5 stone. I increased my physical activity by going on long walks and using my exercise bike in front of my favourite TV shows. I still attend an Eat Wise group which has introduced me to other people in my community." Wellbeing for Life Health Trainers support people on a 1-1 basis to achieve goals that you set together. You can also join free group activities in your local community such as healthy cooking, exercise classes and social groups such as art or gardening. 

For further information or to sign up and enter the prize draw contact: 0800 8766 887. email: cdda-tr.WBFL@nhs.net. Or visit: www.wellbeingforlife.net, facebook: @CountyDurhamWellbeingForLifeService or Twitter: @WBFL_Durham

Wellbeing for Life, not just for January! **New**

In the New Year, there are some things you should cut back on to be healthier, but also so many things you should add in. The best part? They're so simple and cost absolutely nothing. 

The County Durham Wellbeing for Life service will be out and about in the New Year providing people with information and ways to access the free service, including their 'New Year, New You!' programme. Wellbeing for Life aims to help people to live well and maintain good health for themselves and those around them. Health Trainers work with individuals on a 1-1 basis and in groups to recognise the issues that are affecting their wellbeing and help them make positive changes. They recommend trying the Five Ways to Wellbeing to make this year better than the last. 

The Five Ways to Wellbeing are simple, achievable actions we can do in our everyday lives to help us feel good and function well. The five ways are: 

  • Connect - with the people around you; your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. The Wellbeing for Life team can help you find a social activity to help make new friendships. Building connections will support and enrich your everyday. 
  • Get active - Physical activity makes us feel good. Step outside, being in green open spaces increases your sense of wellbeing and relaxation. Health Trainers can support you to try an activity that you enjoy and suits your level of fitness; such as an exercise class or walking group. 
  • Learn - Learning new skills can give you a sense of achievement and a new confidence. Wellbeing for Life can help you find a training or informal learning course which interests you. 
  • Give - Whether it's a thank you, a kind word or volunteering your time. Helping others makes you feel good about yourself. Wellbeing for Life offer a range of volunteering opportunities across County Durham from; Community Health Champions who support the Health Trainers to Community Volunteers who provide much needed support at events and activities. 
  • Take notice - Be aware of the world around you and what you are feeling. Take time to breathe, unwind: yoga, listening to music, reading a book – time on your own. Reflecting on your experiences will help you appreciate what matters to you. 

People’s lifestyles and the conditions in which they live and work, act together to influence their health and wellbeing. The wellbeing approach goes beyond looking at a single-issue and instead aims to take a whole-person and community approach to improving health.

For further information on the Wellbeing for Life service and free activities in your area contact freephone 0800 8766887 or visit www.wellbeingforlife.net, Facebook @CountyDurhamWellbeingForLifeService, Twitter @ WBFL_Durham

Wellbeing 4 Life Update **New**

Chester-Le-Street Library 

Matthew is starting a course there on 25th January aimed at the over 65s. This is an 8 week intervention whereby there will be a different session delivered each week, ,all based around improving your wellbeing and overall quality of life. This will include activities such as healthy eating/cooking, arts & crafts, physical activity etc. Matthew has informed me a few people have expressed an interest in this so hopefully we will get clients from this group. 

Sacriston Surgery Coffee Afternoon 
This commenced on Friday 12th January and will run on a weekly basis each Friday (13:00- 14:30). The aim of this is to basically get people together and engaging in an attempt to reduce social isolation. The surgery have made it clear that they DO NOT want this to be inclusive only to their patients and would prefer this was opened up to the community allowing for people to access this. The Practice Manager has highlighted that they do have patients who visit their staff (GPs, practice Nurses etc) regularly however often don’t need medical attention and seems like an excuse to get out of the house and have a chat. The idea behind this is that the staff at the surgery will signpost them to this group to free up treatments rooms for patients in need as much as possible from their perspective. The Health Trainers and other community workers will also hopefully be signposting in so we will be working hard to raise the profile of this. 

We will also be using this as a landing point in order to recruit clients on a 1-2-1 basis. The staff that I oversee will work with the clients aged 65 years and above and one of Michelle’s members of staff will recruit anyone under the age of 65 years. Once we have raised the profile of this session we will be in discussions with the group in relation to what wellbeing support they want (e.g. healthy cooking, new recipe ideas, how to increase physical activity, services they can access etc) and this will form the planning for future weeks. We may also often get guests in with us (e.g. Stroke Association, Alzheimer’s Society etc). We have also engaged a local volunteer who sits on their Patient Forum Group at the surgery. This will hopefully help us sustain the session long-term and allow this to continue.

Sacriston Surgery Health Trainer Clinic 
When I met with the surgery some time ago to discuss the coffee morning they requested we had a discussion in relation to a potential Health Trainer clinic being ran from the surgery in addition. With this in mind I had a chat about the model that we use in other GP surgeries and the logistics behind this and it was very appealing to the Practice Manager. Due to capacity issues though he was unable to see this through initially but he now has an Assistant Practice Manager who also met with me on Friday with him who will drive this work. Both of them are very enthusiastic about this.

The proposal was that the surgery will set up clinics on their internal system to directly book patients in to see a Health Trainer. One clinic will be ran during the day (for the over 65s) and the second on a late afternoon into the evening (for the under 65s potentially working day time hours) at the request of the surgery. When looking in to the operational side of this it was clear that a Monday would be the best fit due to the surgery already being open until 8pm which would mean no additional costs to them for opening later further in the week. Following discussions with Michelle she has highlighted that Louise will be available from a couple of weeks’ time after she finishes delivering an evening group she has already committed to. She will focus on the under 65s. I have had a chat with Becca and she has availability on a Monday also so will most likely host this clinic for the over 65s on a Monday afternoon. 

The staff at the surgery were very receptive of the fact they can directly book in patients via reception, GPs, Practice Nurses etc as this eliminates the referral process which is often off putting to the practice due to capacity issues and time taken to complete a form then send it in to us. This would mean simply booking an appointment within seconds via their IT system. The appointments can be booked for anyone wanting the support of the Health Trainers, this could be for accessing community services, nutrition, weight management, increasing physical activity etc. We have however prioritised the nutrition/weight management element of our work here due to the rise in the amount of patients each year with an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Because of this the surgery will access their QOF data in order to identify the patients with an HbA1c reading (blood sugars) between 42-47. These patient are at a high risk of developing diabetes and will therefore be offered the service as a priority in order to hopefully reduce their risk and prevent/delay the onset of the condition. This has worked very well in other surgeries and supports the objectives not only of the WBFL service but those of the surgery. The surgery have also asked for completed case studies of their patients to be provided as they can share this in the local library (as they have a display area in there) which will help promote and drive the service for us too.

Award for inspirational man forced to dramatically change his life **New**

Success in sport and physical activity in County Durham were celebrated at local awards ceremonies in October and November. 

Sean Burnett received an award for Sport & Physical Achievement at the Active Durham Sport and Physical Activity Awards in Spennymoor, for leading an active lifestyle whilst facing personal barriers and challenges. Sean was in a road traffic accident at the age of 11. He has overcome life threatening head injuries as well as a Stroke which led to many operations and damage to the left side of his body. After the accident, Sean was in a wheelchair for 4 years which was a tough time in his life. At the age of 17, he moved out of his house and lived on his own, determined to try and live an independent life at the earliest opportunity. 

Now at the age of 40, Sean still strives to push himself further. He referred himself into the Wellbeing for Life service for support to be more active. Wellbeing for Life Health Trainer Barry Thompson started working with Sean to help him achieve his health goals. Barry accompanied him swimming at the Woodhouse Close Pool in Bishop Auckland, where he now goes regularly with a volunteer from the service. 

Barry nominated Sean and said “He is an inspiration; his determination to maintain some quality of life after a life changing accident and the subsequent effects is amazing. He requires support getting from his modified disability car into the changing rooms, then into and out of the pool. It takes a lot of effort and motivation with his slow walking pace. He now has his own routine and declines aid from the mechanical hoist. Even getting up to receive the award was a physical struggle but Sean was again able to demonstrate determination and collected his award from former Olympic athlete Chris Tomlinson.” Sean also enjoys attending a craft group, as this keeps his mind engaged. He regularly visits his mam and friends and watches his nephew play football. Sean proves it is possible to overcome difficulties and achieve results. 

Sean said “I am very happy to have received the award, and will continue to be as active as I can both physically and mentally. Wellbeing for Life has been brilliant, I enjoy the social aspect of the service and the swimming improves the strength in my left side. Meeting the health trainer and volunteer has been great and helped me a lot. I am really grateful for the help and support I have received.” 

All local winners will now go forward to compete in their award category at the County Awards event to be held at The Gala Theatre in Durham on Friday 26 January 2018. For further information on the Wellbeing for Life service contact Freephone 0800 8766887 or visit www.wellbeingforlife.net, Facebook @CountyDurhamWellbeingForLifeService or Twitter 

Wellbeing for Life Training Calendar**

Please find details of the latest Wellbeing for Life Training Calendar which features a diverse range of courses focusing on building the skills and attributes of community members and volunteers. We offer a variety of accredited and non-accredited courses from RSPH Understanding Health Improvement (national qualification course), mental health to Dementia Awareness (1 hour course). All of the training courses offered by Wellbeing for Life are FREE. 

An exciting new addition to the Wellbeing for Life Training Calendar includes a new programme of ‘Train the Trainer’ which is aimed to provide individuals who already have some experience of delivering sessions, the opportunity to up skill or refresh their knowledge base. The latest addition is the 1-day course in Train the Trainer on Healthy Eating.

***NEW*** We are excited to be one of the first training centres in the North East able to offer a new tiered training programme. In this calendar we are offering the introductory session Connect 5 - Brief Mental Health and Wellbeing Awareness, which is a mental health promotion training programme that is designed to increase the confidence and skills of front line staff so they can be more effective in having conversations with the people they work with about mental health and wellbeing, Help people to manage mental health problems and increase their resilience and mental wellbeing through positive changes. Once you have attended this session you can progress to the further 2 levels of training. 

Please share this calendar with your networks in County Durham, and please distribute copies of the calendar to your local community centres for their notice boards. Feel free to contact us on Tel: 01325 327460 to discuss any bespoke training needs you may have. Browse the courses and Book online www.hits.cdd.nhs.uk