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The County Durham One Point Service

Working together with staff from the NHS, we have created a unique service, One Point, to provide a one-stop shop for support, advice and a range of activities for children, young people and their families.

What is One Point?

One Point supports the Government's aim for all agencies who work with children, young people and families and have a responsibility to work closely with you, to make sure that your child has the best possible chance to reach their full potential. Our service employs a number of different staff, who are trained and qualified to deal with your concerns and support you and your child/children
Call 03000 261 111

START TODAY July Updated Information 2017 **New**

The START TODAY booklet lists current apprenticeship and training opportunities in County Durham 16 – 19 year olds.

This booklet contains information on providers offering year round opportunities to help you get a job, course or apprenticeship. Some of the opportunities offer financial help, bonuses, or are set at less than 16 hours per week, so if you receive benefits these may not be affected. Some of the opportunities are offered at venues across the county. These are listed as countywide opportunities. We have grouped the other opportunities by their venue location. You don’t have to live in that area to access their courses. You can get more information by contacting the provider directly.

Children's Centre Magazine **Current**

A Children’s Centre magazine has been published for families living in County Durham with children under 5, it describes what Children’s Centres are, what services are available and how they can access sessions and activities.  Parents will receive a copy from their health visitor who will talk through the benefits of attending the centres.


We now have an online version of the Children’s Centre magazine. You can access it on our website via this link:Children's Centre Magazine.  We would really appreciate it if you could help us to promote it by sharing it on your websites and social media.


Anyone working with families with children under 5 can request a copy of the magazine by emailing: onepointmarketing@durham.gov.uk

Training and apprenticeship opportunities for 16-19 year olds living in County Durham **Current**

There are lots of opportunities available throughout County Durham to help you develop your skills and get into a job, course or apprenticeship. This booklet contains information on opportunities starting in January as well as contact details for providers offering year round opportunities.

Some of the opportunities offer financial help, bonuses or are set at under 16 hours per week, so that if you receive benefits these are not affected while you learn or train. You can get more detailed information by contacting the provider on the number supplied and quoting ‘START’.