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Each week we will highlight an event, project or important piece of work from around Durham. If you have information that it is vital to share, get in touch and we will publicise it.

Just Simply Ask

We are launching  ‘Just Simply Ask’ – a new portal for young people in Co Durham in the New Year and we would like to share it with you first to get your feedback.. 


What is it?


Just Simply Ask has been created by young people for young people, alongside a number of groups within schools, youth settings, Clinical Commissioning Groups (NHS) and Investing in Children to be a single point of resource for young people. Two apprentices have been employed and the intention is to work over the coming year alongside existing groups of young people in Co Durham to develop the website further. The project is supported by partners from the CCG’s, Public Health, Durham County Council, Police & Crime Commissioner, LSCB, Harrogate Trust 0-19 Service, Co Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust and Cornforth Partnership.


One aim is to signpost to the information contained in the myriad of websites across Co Durham, but the other part of the project is to create a fun, interesting and informative social media site where young people can share and explore ideas and issues that matter to them. 


Keeping it local – this is where we’d like your help


We know that young people can  find out information through existing routes (Google Bing etc.) and this is reflected in the information on the current site, but we’d also like them to access information within our own services. If you have such information you feel young people should be accessing, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Steven and his team and they can discuss how this information is signposted from the site. This could be anything from local groups they might like to join, where they could get discounts or where they could get advice on relationships, sports or drugs and alcohol.


We are also looking for groups of young people that would like to use the platform so they can explore issues relevant to them and if you contact the team they will be happy to work with you and your group to develop this.


One future possibility is also a live chat facility called “Ask the Expert” where young people would have access to a professional live online to discuss a particular topic such as Apprenticeships, Mental Health, Bullying or Sexual Health. If this is something you would be interested in - please get in touch.


‘Just Simply Ask’ for more information


The contact details for us are on the website using the feedback form or alternatively contact Steven Cook the project manager on or telephone 01740652000