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North Durham Healthy Community Alliance
The NDHCA was created as an amalgamation of the two former Health Networks in the North Durham Area.

The purpose of the alliance is to improve strategic links and enhance communications across the North Durham landscape to facilitate responsive action to improve health and well-being. It was known that there was a high level of both Commissioned Activity as well as a number of Voluntary Sector Programmes operating across the area, but it was apparent that some of these programmes were not joined up. It was clear also that we did not fully have a grasp on what "gaps in provision" still existed and where our future priorities lay.

The Alliance bring together some of the strategic commissioners from the CCG, Public Health, AAP's and the Voluntary Sector, alongside the chairs of our three health sub groups in Derwentside, Durham and Chester le Street.

 The strong links to the AAP's is vital in this Alliance, bringing the local intelligence from their working groups, as well as our links with Public Health and the Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Chester Le St Health Action Group Meetings 2017 **Current**

I have been requested by group members to circulate meeting dates for 2017, as the time of the meeting has been altered due to venue restrictions and timing of meetings altered from the 1st Wednesday in the month. 
As you may be aware, the County Council election takes place on Thursday 4th May 2017. The period before this, which starts on 20th March is called ‘purdah’, when no meetings where decisions need to be taken, can take place.  Also, it is the end of tenure for the AAP Boards, and in May a new Board will be elected. It is then up to the new AAP Board who have been elected, to make a decision on priorities for the forthcoming year.
Taking into consideration the above, only the following meetings may be planned:



Wednesday 11th January 2017 at 10am in The Lounge, Bullion Hall, South Approach, Chester-le-Street (this has been put back a week to take into consideration New Year)


Wednesday 1st March 2017 at 10am in The Lounge, Bullion Hall, South Approach, Chester-le-Street


Wednesday 10th May 2017 at 10am in The Lounge, Bullion Hall, South Approach, Chester-le-Street (this has been put back a week to take into consideration the elections on Thursday 4th May 2017)

Once the 1st AAP Board meeting of the new financial year has occurred we will have a clearer idea of the direction of travel for 2017.

End of Durham City Health Forum **Current**

I am writing to inform you that the last meeting of Durham City Health Forum was held on Monday 13th June. There were 5 people present and you will recall that we had agreed that if no-one came forward to act as chair then the forum would cease. This has proved to be the case. 

The Forum has been a very valuable means of support and networking over the past few years and it is clear from recent attendance that this need is no longer needed. Networking and support is provided through other Forums e.g Durham Voice and County Durham Volunteer co-ordinators Forum and if the existing networking opportunities don't prove adequate then I'm sure Durham City Health Forum will be resurrected by somone else, but for the time being it has served its purpose. I wish all our members success with their various ventures in what continues to be a harsh grant funding climate.

with warmest best wishes,

Caroline Dick (former chair of DCHF)

Chester-le-Street Health Action Group **Current**

Please find attached the notes of the last Health Action Group meeting and the agenda for the forthcoming meeting to be held at 2.00pm on Wednesday 6th July 2016, in The Hall, Bullion Hall, South Approach, Chester-le-Street, Co Durham.


North Durham Healthy Communities Alliance Meeting **Current**

The meeting of the North Durham Healthy Communities Alliance took place at 9.30am on Tuesday 8th September 2015, at The One Point Hub, Burns Green, Chester-le-Street, Co Durham  DH3 3QH 

VCS Case Studies of Health & Wellbeing Projects **Current**
In June 2013 Durham and Chester-le-Street Health Network agreed to commission a small project to showcase the activity of local voluntary and community organisations who contribute to the Health and Wellbeing agenda.
These case studies are a mere snapshot of the wide range of organisations who are actively supporting some of our most disengaged and disadvantaged communities.
These case studies are just the surface of an incredible breadth, depth and diversity of community action that contributes to physical and mental health, which supports children and young people, older people and families, that seeks to tackle inequality and enable self respect, dignity and resilience.

Health Presentation Slides - For Information **Current**

Please find attached a couple of presentations that may be of interest to you in relation to health service provision in North Durham / Derwentside.
One is from Anna Lynch, Director of Public Health with Durham County Council, on the role of AAP’s in improving Public Health in Derwent Valley AAP area. She is going to be going to all AAP’s delivering a similar presentation with figures based on the Medium Super Output areas (around 7,5000 population size and not always within the boundaries of the AAP) linked to the AAP.

The other is from Sue Jacques, Chief Executive of County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust, and relates to NHS service delivery in North Durham.
Presentation Anna Lynch
Presentation Sue Jacques