Mental Health Forum

Role of the Group

The role of the forum is to ensure the effective engagement of service providers and stakeholders as part of the County Durham Mental Health Partnership. The forum also provides a network for statutory, voluntary and independent mental health service providers and stakeholders to work together to improve in the provision and delivery of services for people with mental health problems.The group will nominate 1 member to represent the forum on the Mental Health Partnership Board.  In addition there will be 1 provider representative from  Tees, Esk & Wear Valley NHS Foundation Trust.

Aims and Objectives

To contribute to work of the County Durham Mental Health Partnership Board

To ensure that members are kept up to date

Share best practice and to use this information to promote innovation and new ways of managing and delivering high quality services across  County  Durham

To support the empowerment of service users and carers to access services and to enable them to contribute to development and review of services

MH Provider Forum 27th July **New**

Due to annual leave commitments, the number of apologies already received and the potential for more, the decision has been taken to cancel the above meeting. If you were planning on presenting at that forum could you let me know and we will postpone to a future meeting either in September of November.

MH Provider Forum minutes and presentations 24th May 2018 **New**

Please find attached minutes of the above forum and copies of presentations for your information.

WBFL Presentation

MH Provider Forum - change of dates **New**

We have had to amend the dates for a couple of the provider forums as follows: 

25th May – will now be held on 24th May at 1.30pm in the Indoor Bowling Centre, Durham 28th September – will now be held on 27th April at 9am in the Indoor Bowling Centre, Durham 

Can you please amend diaries accordingly.

Mental Health Provider and Stakeholder Forum 26th January **Current**

Held on the 26th September 2018, at 9.30am at the Durham Indoor Bowling Centre, Pity Me, Durham

Please find attached the minutes from the above meeting 

County Durham Mental Health Provider Forum Briefing **Current**

 24th November 2017 Mental Health Crisis Response and Home Treatment Team and Wider Crisis Services Offer Review 

Background and context To date, the County Durham and Darlington Crisis Concordat has worked to improved mental health services for people experiencing mental health problems, their families/carers and professionals working within a complex system, in a number of ways. 

These include: 
 • Development Days, eg October 2016 
• Work to understand/map services 
• Development and agreement of a Single Point of Access approach 
 • Pilot Support and Recovery Workers working within the Crisis Response Team 
 • Commissioning of private ambulance (Conveyancing Service) specifically for transporting people experiencing a mental health crisis 
• Review, reconfiguration and expansion of the existing Acute Liaison Psychiatry Services based at University Hospital of North Durham and Darlington Memorial Hospital – providing an all age service in A&E and inpatient ward service, 24/7 
• Implementation of Street Triage Service 

At this stage, Commissioners felt that it was timely to take stock of the impact of work progressed to date and reflect on next steps priorities for further improving the County Durham and Darlington offer of services to support people experiencing mental health crisis. 

What are we doing? In order to do this, two pieces of work are being taken forward which are related. Firstly, a review of the current Mental Health Crisis Response and Home Treatment Service is currently taking place. This review is being taken forward in conjunction with TEWV and is considering how the service is currently provided, how it is performing, quality of service, effectiveness, inter-relationships with other services and any impact that the team may have noticed to date resulting from recent developments across the system, for example expansion of Acute Liaison hours of service and Street Triage. In addition, a review of how the wider relationships between all services involving in providing a mental health crisis response to patients or referring into the system is working in practice is also taking place. TEWV have been involved in the development of the approach to both pieces of work. 

How can I get involved? Work is currently underway to seek the view of stakeholders directly involved in supporting people experiencing a mental health crisis and feedback is being invited. Two separate surveys have been uploaded onto Survey Monkey to enable wider stakeholders to feedback their experiences of: • Referring into the County Durham and Darlington Crisis Response and Home Treatment Service; and • Working in partnership within the wider Mental Health Crisis Pathway. 

In addition, work is progressing to seek the views of patients and carers who have experienced the Crisis Response and Home Treatment Service and individual meetings have begun to take place with key stakeholders. 

Together the project aims to identify areas of improvement needed within the pathway overall to help provide: 
• Clarity within the system about each service offer and how it fits within any overall mental health crisis system offer to patients; 
• A clear understanding of gaps and duplication within the system and proposals to address; 
• A system which is effective in terms of ease of access to all levels of support including prevention, timely response, assessment, treatment and recovery. 

To feedback your views please use the link below to access the Survey Monkey Forms and complete them. To access the links, hover mouse to highlight link, Control + Click to take you through to the link.

You have until 5pm on 31st December 2017 to feedback your views. Thank you for your involvement in this piece of work. 

Anita Porter Commissioning Delivery Manager North of England Commissioning Support Unit On behalf of North Durham, Darlington and DDES Clinical Commissioning Groups Please note that I am on annual leave during December. Please feedback any additional comments/questions directly to Lorraine Gibbons Email: - in my absence.

MH Provider Forum dates 2018 **Current**

Please find below a table of dates for the Mental Health Provider Forums for 2018. All of the forums will be in the usual place, Durham Indoor Bowling Centre starting at 9.00am until 12.00

Meeting dates :-

Jan 26th
Mar 23rd 
May 25th
Jul 27th 
Sep 28th
Nov 23rd

Mental Health Provider and Stakeholder Forum 29th September **Current**

Held on the 29th Septemeber 2017, at 9.30am at the Durham Indoor Bowling Centre, Pity Me, Durham

Please find attached the minutes from the above meeting 

Mental Health Provider and Stakeholder Forum 28th July **Current**

Held on the 28th July 2017, at 9.30am at the Durham Indoor Bowling Centre, Pity Me, Durham

Please find attached the minutes from the above meeting and copies of presentations shown.