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Mental Health Forum
Role of the Group

The role of the forum is to ensure the effective engagement of service providers and stakeholders as part of the County Durham Mental Health Partnership. The forum also provides a network for statutory, voluntary and independent mental health service providers and stakeholders to work together to improve in the provision and delivery of services for people with mental health problems.The group will nominate 1 member to represent the forum on the Mental Health Partnership Board.  In addition there will be 1 provider representative from  Tees, Esk & Wear Valley NHS Foundation Trust.

Aims and Objectives

To contribute to work of the County Durham Mental Health Partnership Board
To ensure that members are kept up to date
Share best practice and to use this information to promote innovation and new ways of managing and delivering high quality services across  County  Durham
To support the empowerment of service users and carers to access services and to enable them to contribute to development and review of services

Mental Heath Provider Forum 31st March **New**

Please find attached the agenda for Friday’s Forum and a copy of the notes of the last meeting for your information.


Mental Health Provider Forum **New**
Please find attached revised draft Terms of Reference for the forum.
Updates include:
·         Background - broadened the information to reflect wider mental health policy direction and removed specific references to County Durham Implementation plan of No Health without Mental health.  Included note about reviewing governance structure as needed.
·         Clarified role and representation
·         Added mental health anti stigma and discrimination to the objectives
·         Added dates for 2017
·         Updated governance structure document - but with the proviso that this is current
If you could let me have any comments/amendments by Thursday 22 March I will update the document with the aim for  sign off at the next forum on 31 March 2017.
Judith Cook
Personal Assistant
Planning and Service Strategy
Durham County Council
County Hall
Tel:  03000 267385

Mental Health Provider Forum 27th January 2017 **Current**

Please find attached the agenda for the Mental Health Provider and Stakeholder Forum being held on the 27th January 2017 at the Durham Indoor Bowls Centre, Pity Me. 


ReTHINK Stakeholder Feedback Required **Current**
We are looking to gain feedback to develop our Advocacy Strategy going forward and with input from service users and stakeholders this will help us inform how we plan, manage and deliver our service in future.
Within the questionnaire it gives advice on who to return this to and by when

Client Survey
If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.
Vikki Barker
Service Manager
Independent Mental Capacity Advocate
Independent Mental Health Advocate
Rethink Mental Illness
County Durham Advocacy Service
Unit 15, Crook Business Centre,
New Road, Crook.
County Durham.
DL15 8QX
Telephone : 01388 766310
Mobile: 07918652404

Mental Health Provider Forum 26th November 2016 **Current**

Please find attached the notes of the Forum meeting held on the 26th November 2016. 
The next meeting will be on the 27th January 2017, commencing 9.30am (open from 9am for refreshments and networking) at the Indoor Bowling Centre, Pity Me, Durham.

Please find below the presentations from the meeting

PCC Presentation

Matters to be taken to the MH Partnership Board

Following the good discussion at the Forum on Friday, as the representative of the Forum to the Co Durham Mental Health Parternership Board I am e-mailing to see if there are any strategic matters that you feel need addressing that you want raising at the next Board meeting which will be on Thursday 22nd December. 

At that meeting (which is strategic) - which feeds into the County Durham Health and Wellbeing Board - there are officers of Durham County Council, TEWV and the Co Durham Clincial Commissioning Groups attending amongst others. 
Any matters that you feed in this time to me will be looked at alongside other provider issues. It may be the case that if there are too many issues to take a decision would have to be made on which ones to raise as concerns. I would liase with David and Jackie on this.
For the future though it would be good if matters to be raised were brought to the Forum and then a decision can be made by the Forum members as to which matter/s to take to the Board. The next Forum meeting is on Friday 27th January.
Steve Wakefield, Manager
Waddington Street Centre
3 Waddington Street, Durham. DH1 4BG
Tel. 0191 3860702   Fax. 0191 3755140

Co Durham MH Provider and Stakeholder Forum - Friday 29th July 2016 **Current**

Please find attached the agenda  and notes from the Mental health Provider & Stakeholder Forum that took place on the 29th July 2016 from 9am at the Durham Indoor Bowling Centre, Abbey Rd, Durham DH1 5GE.

Mental Health sub group **Current**

We have been running a Mental health sub group which involves organisations dealing with the people subject to welfare reform.  We have regular bi-monthly meetings at Waddington St.
Our group has agreed we would like to open up membership and invite participation from other organisations.
Future meetings have been set for the following dates:
5th September 2016
17th October 2016
28th November 2016
If you or a representative from your organisation would like to join the group please feel free to contact Chris Graham by email at:  chris.graham@durham.gov.uk
All meetings start at 3pm and business is finished by 4.30pm.

Co Durham MH Provider and Stakeholder Forum - Friday 27 May 2016 **Current**

Please find attached the agenda for the Mental health Provider & Stakeholder Forum taking place on the 27th May 2016 from 9am at the Durham Indoor Bowling Centre, Abbey Rd, Durham DH1 5GE.

MH Provider and Stakeholder Forum 18th March 2016 **

Please find attached the agenda for the Mental health Provider & Stakeholder Forum that took place on the 18th March 2016 from 9am at the Durham Indoor Bowling Centre, Aykley Heads, Durham

Engagement re Review of Community Mental Health and Preventative Services**Current**

A discussion workshop was held at the County Durham Mental Health Provider and Stakeholder Forum on 29th January 2016 where members were provided with a background for the review and asked to provide comments on 6 areas for consideration. To widen the feedback the forum agreed to circulate the information and questions to all members to enable involvement of their services and member groups.
I have attached information on the review and a copy of the questions for  you to consider.
Please can you get back to me with comments and suggestions, either using the attached questionnaire ( happy to have scanned in handwritten responses .. no need to type up) or send me an email by lunchtime on 12 February 2016

Mental Health Provider Forum 29th January 2016 **Current**

Please find attached agenda and presentations from the previous meeting.

Self Harm Report - Durham County Council CYPOSC **Current**

Please find attached for your information a copy of the Self Harm Review conducted by Durham County Councils Children and Young Persons OSC.
This review report was received by Cabinet on 15Th April. During the course of the review evidence was gathered from CAMHS, NHS commissioners, officers of the council, Mental Health North East and most importantly parents and young people themselves who candidly gave their views and experiences.

Mental Health Provider & Stakeholder Forum 29th May 2015 **Current**

Minutes from previous meeting 

Mental Health Provider & Stakeholder Forum 27th March 2015 **Current**

Minutes from previous meeting

Mental Health Provider & Stakeholder Forum 30th January 2015 **Current**

Mental Health Provider & Stakeholder Forum 31st October 2014 **Current**