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Market Engagement Events
Here you will find Information from all the Market Engagement events held between the Commissioners, the VCS & 3rd Sector.
Community Learning Procurement event feedback **Current**

Community Learning Procurement & Summary Report from Network Event

Please find the collated feedback from the event that was held on the 19th May

Provider Engagement Event Notes **Current**
The Provider Engagement Event that was held on 18th January was attended by almost 90 providers across a range of specialisms including Housing.  The event was very well received with 98.5% of people reporting that they were satisfied with the event.
Discussions on the tables was very positive and will provide the Council  with important feedback on how the Market Position Statement should look and how best we should engage with providers in the future. 
Please see below some of the feedback from the day:
              Style and format of the document are good
              The MPS provides Strategic Direction for providers
              It needs to be better publicised (through Forums, email groups, Durham Voice etc)
              Headline messages from JSNA could be included (as info graphics)
              Need to ensure that it is forward thinking rather than retrospective
              The planned procurements and reviews section should be updated more frequently
              Should be greater emphasis on partnership working – between the council and all providers – including VCS.
              Should link to the NHS 5 Year Forward Plan. 
              Housing Services should be included to reflect the closer working between CAS and Housing Services in line with the Care Act and feedback from the LGA’s Peer Challenge of the Health and Wellbeing system. 
              Contact details and the roles of Strategic Managers should be included.
              There should be links to signpost to other key documents and directories e.g. JSNA, JHWS, Locate, Training Info, Procurement Strategy, Housing Strategy
The presentation slides from the event are attached.
Thank you for your participation in the event.
Kelly Lofthouse
Commissioning Assistant
Children and Adults Services
County Hall
Tel: 03000 267827
Community Learning Partnership Meeting Feedback  from the 12th March **Current**
As discussed, please find attached the ‘You Said’ We Did report from the Consultation Event held in May.     I think we have now completed as many requests from the consultation as best we can. 
VCS Market Engagement Event **Current**

Following the VCS Market Engagement Event held at the Education Development Centre, Spennymoor yesterday, please find attached  copies of the presentations given,  as well as the Locate video link.

Durham County Market Position Statement **Current**

It can be viewed at: www.durham.gov.uk/mps
The document brings together key information about the Council’s priorities and helps providers to:
·         develop their services to meet local need and demand
·         identify opportunities that they may tender for

Providers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the MPS, particularly the 'Planned Procurements' section which will be reviewed every three months.