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Here you will find information & news from the funding sectors that may be of use to organisations in and around Co Durham

Lankelly Chase Blog **New**

Jo Laverick has asked us to share the following link, picked up from the Lankelly Chase Foundation. It’s a good blog about the complexities in funding/commissioning services which address complex needs and might be of interest to colleagues in the Better Together network.

CDCF January News **Current**

Hello Welcome to CDCF eNews.

CDCF News & Funding **Current**

Hello Welcome to CDCF eNews.

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Report calls for urgent action to help smaller charities survive **Current**

Lloyds Bank Foundation has launched a report calling on government, funders and large charities to take urgent action if small charities are to survive turbulent times ahead.

Facing Forward presents a candid analysis of the ten upcoming political, economic, social and technological changes which will dramatically affect the operating landscape for the 65,000 small and medium charities working at the heart of communities across England and Wales.

Download the report

 Gift Aid donations – are your donors paying enough tax to cover? **Current**

The tax landscape has changed significantly over the last few years, with around 50% of adults in the UK no longer paying any income tax at all (up from around 42% only a few years back) and HMRC is very keen to ensure that Gift Aid donors are paying enough tax to make the claim valid.
The public therefore need to be better equipped to know if they can or cannot make charitable donations with Gift Aid added.   Most Gift Aid donors will be giving very intentionally and will understand that they will need to have paid enough income (or capital gains) tax in each tax year (6 April to 5 April following) to equal or exceed the Gift Aid tax that we reclaim on their Gift Aided donations.
This new commentary by CTG Vice-Chairman Kevin Russell explores why some donors are not paying enough tax to cover their Gift Aid donations, and suggests ways to improve donor education.

Charity Commission News - Winter 2016 **Current**

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Northern Charity Disc Welcomes Talks With New Government **Current**

Northern Communities charity DISC has welcomed an early move to discuss the new government’s approach to drugs and alcohol issues.Lisa Parker, Executive Director for DISC, said she welcomed planned meetings by Collective Voice with key government officials in the Autumn.

Ms Parker said: “It is vital that the new government hear our collective voice, which speaks to improve drug and alcohol services.”
“DISC is proud to be one of nine voluntary sector organisations in Collective Voice which came together to ensure that the voices of the drug and alcohol recovery sector and those who use our services are represented effectively.”
As well as discussing the government’s new approach to alcohol and drugs, the roundtable discussions will cover:
·       The implementation challenges of delivering the key role assigned to drug and alcohol treatment in the Government’s Modern Crime Prevention Strategy published in March.
·       The timing and likely content of the delayed 2016-refreshed Drug Strategy, and the opportunities that may flow from this.
·       The structural and financial challenges the sector faces, and potential solutions.
·       Developing and emerging trends.
 DISC is a partner in a number of innovative drug and alcohol treatment services across the north of England. For more information please visit

FREE Funding Advice & Support - Spennymoor **Current**

As you will be aware Spennymoor AAP (among other duties) supports the efforts of local community groups and organisations across the AAP area in a number ways.  This includes helping local groups/organisations to raise funds and to provide generic support and advice e.g. governance etc.  Taking this into consideration, we would like to inform you that an opportunity has arisen for local groups/organisations to access free funding support and advice. 
Jason Turnough (Principal Community Development Project Officer) has been allocated some dedicated time with Spennymoor AAP to specifically work on external grant funding and associated governance arrangements for local groups/organisations.   Therefore, if you have a project in mind or you feel that Jason could provide you with some further assistance then please feel free to get in contact at the earliest opportunity.  Jason can be contacted using the details below:
·         Telephone Number - 03000 262 062
Please do not hesitate to contact Jason and he will discuss potential support which may be available.

Kind Regards
Peter Henderson 

The VCS and impact of EU Referendum vote **Current**

For decades, the country and the voluntary sector have been inextricably linked to the EU, not only financially, but also in terms of regulatory approaches to delivering essential services. Leaving the EU present a series of new challenges, both in the transition but also in the long-term.

Assembly Development Officer, Ann Atkinson has pulled together information from a range of sources on the likely impact of Brexit on the Voluntary and Community Sector.

Brexit – NCVO Initial Briefing **Current**

Although the full political, economic and social consequences of the EU referendum will take some time to fully understand, NCVO has published an initial briefing on Brexit that covers the main political, funding, social, regulatory points and the role of civil society: Brexit: Implications for the voluntary sector (PDF)

NCVO will be producing further guidance in the coming weeks and months.  To help them make these as useful as possible, they’re asking for your comments and evidence– email them to
There may still be time for you to take part in the free webinar, ‘EU referendum: Implications for the sector’, on 7th July, 3pm-3.45pm.  This free webinar will look at the potential political and policy implications of the UK's vote to leave the EU.  It will be presented by Chris Walker, who leads NCVO’s parliamentary work and Elizabeth Chamberlain, who leads NCVO’s policy work on charity law, governance and fundraising.

Brexit – DSC Briefing: what charities can do **Current**

In their own briefing on the possible consequences to the voluntary sector of the leave vote, the Directory of Social Change say charities and community groups will no doubt have major concerns about how the decision to leave the EU affects their ability to continue helping their beneficiaries. 

 This briefing aims to shed light on the fallout of the decision to leave the EU, and assists charities and community groups in identifying some concrete actions to take

Brexit – Impact of the leave vote on current European Funding programmes **Current**

The Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and Big Lottery have issued statements to VONNE on the impact of Brexit on current European Funding programmes.  Read what has been said here 

VONNE has been asked by the Cabinet Office to collate any feedback on the impact Brexit is having on the voluntary sector, the communities they support and what risks it may pose.  If you have any comments or feedback, please email Carrie Brookes at

Free guide to risk management for charities **Current**

Charity Finance Group and accountancy firm Sayer Vincent have launched a free guide for charities dealing with risk, which says charities don't consider risks faced by their organisation. The guide, Rethinking Risk - Beyond the Tick Box, tells charities that risk management should be integrated with other management processes such as planning rather than treating it as a stand-along exercise.

80% of people who volunteer have also given money to charity **Current**

Eight out of 10 people who volunteer for a charity have also made a charitable donation in the last year, according to a new survey. The survey had over 1,400 respondents and was conducted by the Do-It Trust, the national volunteering database. It found that over 80 per cent of respondents who said they had volunteered for a charity in the last 12 months had also given at least once to another organisation in the same time frame. 

Digital donations are the future **Current**

It's no surprise that technology has had an impact on charities. But how much has the digital revolutionalready changed fundraising? And how can charities make sure they are not left behind? 

Fundraising guidelines **Current**

Following the publication of new fundraising guidance by the Charity Commission it is more important than ever for Trustees to understand the fundraisers' role within your organisation. Trustees play a valuable role in raising vital funds for the delivery of services for the beneficiaries of their organisation. 

The guidance is an opportunity not only to reinforce the governance of the organisation's fundraising activities but also to re-invigorate your current and future Trustees' contribution to the fundraising effort of the organisation.