Clinical Commissioning Groups 
Here will include information specific to our Clinical Commissioning Groups within Co Durham 

We have two CCG;s and their websites can be found below 

Commissioning Priorities reports and feedback **New**

Please see the reports with the feedback we gathered from you at the events on all four areas we discussed with the response of what we can do with what you told us.


Meetings to be held in Public Durham Dales, Easington and Sedgefield (DDES) CCG and North Durham CCG are working increasingly closely together. The two CCGs work in partnership with the same main providers of health services and together cover the same geographical area as Durham County Council. With that in mind the two Governing Bodies have agreed to meet 'in common' wherever possible and will continue to rotate and alternate venues across both CCGs. 

Two meetings will be held in public on: Tuesday 20th March 2018 at: Teesdale Community Resources, The Hub, Shaw Bank, Staindrop Road, Barnard Castle DL12 8TD Primary Care Commissioning (PCC) Committees in Common 12.45 - 2.15pm Governing Bodies in Common 2.30pm - 4.45pm Each Clinical Commissioning Group wishes to invite the public to observe their PCC Committee and Governing Body at work. In order to ensure that appropriate seating is provided, please register your attendance (informing of any special requirements) with Mags Wells on 0191 371 3224 or email: 

Questions for the Governing Bodies in Common should be submitted to Mags Wells no later than 12 noon on Monday 12th March 2018. Meeting agendas and papers will be available prior to the meeting online at both: and

My NHS membership **Current**
Dear Colleague
We would like to ask if you are already signed up to the North Durham CCG membership and if you aren’t if you would be interested in doing so. You can sign up as an individual or you can sign up as a representative from your organisation.
I have attached information regarding what the membership scheme is and also the short form to enable you to receive the latest newsletters, information and articles:
North Durham Clinical Commissioning Group Patient, Public and Carer Engagement Membership Scheme

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is the Membership Scheme?
A. The membership scheme is a way for people of North Durham to stay up to date with what is happening in their area regarding local health service decision making through the contracting, re-directing and decommissioning of health provision. The starting point for most members of the North Durham public and local voluntary organisations is to join the free Membership Scheme which has three types of membership.
·         Type 1- Members receive regular information about health services, issues and decisions in their geographical area through an electronic bulletin. Members will receive information about health and social care needs and aspirations that have been identified as well as issues that have been presented and solutions to these issues.
·         Type 2- Members also receive regular information about health services, issues and decisions in their geographical area through an electronic bulletin but have the additional opportunity to shape and influence what services are needed and brought into their area for the public, patients and carers by attending focus groups, meetings etcThese members are engaged and consulted about public decisions, priorities and strategies.
·         Type 3 – Members will be an advocate for type 1 and 2 members, feeding their views to the Public, Patient and Carer Engagement (PPCE) Committee and ensuring that the voices of all communities of North Durham are represented to the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). They also hold the NDCCG to account to ensure the CCG deliver on their legal and statutory duties with regards to engagement.
Q. Who is the Membership Scheme for?
A. The Membership Scheme is open to all residents, patients and carers of North Durham as well as voluntary organisations who reside within and/ or serve the population of North Durham. It is aimed at North Durham patients, residents, carers and voluntary sector members who are interested in knowing more about how the Clinical Commissioning Group assess needs and review current service provision, decide priorities and design services, manage demand to ensure appropriate access to care, review the success of the contracts and meeting the needs of service users.
Q. Why should I join the Membership Scheme?
A. Clinical commissioning is about acting upon the needs of the patient, understanding individual experiences and using these to design services for the future. Clinical Commissioning Groups buy services for their local communities; Health and Wellbeing Boards oversee the local delivery of services, and NHS England oversees the commissioning (buying).  The commissioning system is complex and the Membership Scheme enables North Durham people to receive regular information to help people to understand their rights and have a voice. By listening to the viewpoints, issues and ideas from the local population the Clinical Commissioning Group are more able to meet these needs and provide more effective and efficient services. You should join the membership scheme to ensure you are kept up to date about what is happening regarding health services in your area, enable you to enhance what is being delivered and improve how well it is being delivered.
Q. How often will I receive information?
A. The electronic bulletin will be distributed 4 times per year for all members with limited paper copies available for people unable to access the electronic information. Supplementary electronic updates will be sent out to inform members of any recent news or documents between quarterly bulletin dates.  Additionally for people who sign up to type 2 of the Membership Scheme, they will have regular opportunities to be part of discussions, forums and debates both physically and electronically based around the Commissioning Intentions. Type 3 members will receive training to enable them to be effective advocates.
Q. Where and how will my contact details be stored?
A. By becoming a North Durham My NHS member then you will join a pool of local representatives who will be regularly asked for their opinions on local health services. Your contact details will be stored in a secure database which will not be shared with anyone apart from Durham Community Action administrator, North Durham Clinical Commissioning Group and North England Commissioning Support.
Q. Will I be listened to?
A.  Patients, carers and the general public are central to everything the CCG do as an organisation. Listening to what patients say will help to deliver a better standard of care and improve the healthcare of the North Durham population. Involving patients and the public in the planning, monitoring and development of health services is not only good practice but also a legal duty for all NHS organisations.
Patient participation allows patients to be involved in shaping the services the CCG commission. They need to ensure that they engage with the wider North Durham population including taxpayers, actual service users, potential service users, relatives, carers, advocates, patient representative groups, health interest groups etc. The information you share will be presented to the Patient Public and Carer Engagement Committee who will amalgamate the information from many sources and prioritise the needs for the CCG Governing Body to consider for North Durham.
Q. What will happen with the information and comments I share?
A. All information you share regarding issues, ideas and comments relating to health services within North Durham will be gathered and presented to the Patient Public & Carer Engagement (PPCE) Committee and this information will then be put into a format which will be given the North Durham CCG Governing Body who will listen to this information when making decisions about health services. Once decisions have been made then this information will be fed from the Governing Body to the PPCE  Committee and the various representatives on this group will then circulate the information back to you the North Durham CCG  membership.